Woman! - Daughter, Wife, Mother, Girlfriend, Sister, Daughter-In-Law, Aunt, Lover, Niece, Friend, Colleague, Boss, Assistant, Business-woman, Chef, Cleaner, Housekeeper, Housewife, ; 

So many titles, so many hats
and yet, so much hustle,
Standing up to the league of muscle, 
to show the world, her worth, her best!

While I can go ahead and write a long article on inequality faced by women or feminism or breaking the glass ceiling or something on the similar lines, my pen is inspiring me today to write about something that we all know but tend to overlook.

Every religious book, every scientific theory and every mythological story, somewhere, at some point, talks about the feminine and masculine energy and their interdependence. I remember reading in the book ‘Beyond Mars and Venus’ by John Gray, that every human being carries both the feminine and masculine energy within them. And at different times during the day, depending on the situation, we channel a bit more of either energy.


For example, a man making dinner, is channelising a bit more of his feminine side - the emotional side, which loves to prepare meals with care for the family. Another good example, can be a woman driving a car, channeling more of her masculine side - the goal oriented side, which likes work being done with focus. Depending on which side we channelise most of the time, we get identified into genders. 


So the big elephant in the room here is that - when we all have both energies present in us, when we are all equals in a lot of parameters, why is there an imbalance when it comes to day-to-day living? Why do women need to shatter glass ceilings to find her place in her workforce, or why do men cooking a meal turn out to be a big deal? These are some big questions to answer, but they are not for today.

Today is all about celebrating the feminine energy and female power. It is about celebrating the divinity of Maya. Maya, in Sanskrit means Magic or Illusion, in Hebrew means Water. The obvious question here will be, how is a woman a form of Maya? That’s a good question. 

A woman is God’s most complex creation. (I’m sure men agree to this when it comes to understanding a woman’s mind). She is complex, almost close to magic, with the way she is emotional but acutely practical when needed, or the way she is fragile like a flower and strong like a mountain in testing times. She is a caring mother, a fierce fighter, a playful sister, a revengeful foe, a loving daughter, a strict parent to the parent, an understanding wife, an uncompromising business woman, a fun co-worker, a no-nonsense bosslady. And it's all of these forms combined, in one single body, within one single moment, juggling and balancing, gracefully with a smile, that makes a woman, Maya! 

Women’s Day, which interestingly started out in 1908 to honor women who protested against work conditions in a garment making facility, is a perfect day to make the women in your life feel worthy and loved. While we all are at home, battling COVID-19, there are a lot of creative ways to make her feel special. Prep up a scrumptious dinner, or order a nice brunch from your favorite local food place (Support Small Businesses!) or get her a nice dress or a great pair of shoes. You can also gift sets at your favorite Walmart or shop online for great perfumes, like our Special Abaq Perfume - a fragrance sure to bring out the queen within her! 

Whatever it is that you do, even just a small handwritten note, it will make the women in your life feel special! So go all out and shop for your favorite collections today. Start prepping, Women’s Day is fast approaching!

And in the meanwhile stay tuned to our website or @hsaperfumes to shop for great deals and great reads this mother’s day! Signing off - HSA Perfumes, your fragrance journey!

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