So you got that pack of bukhoor you have been mulling over and have invested time to choose the right fragrance and are all set to host the next weekend bash, showing your friends what an amazing aroma discovery you made, after the next door Susan kept singing to you about the amazing Pot-Pourri she got. But how to get the fragrance out of the jar, and to the party? The pressure is real!

Bukhoor as we know is wood dipped in fragrant oils and aged to bring out the perfect aroma. This wood is then packed into smaller jars and is sealed so as to keep the fragrance locked. The question lying here is - what next?

Thankfully there is no huge complex multi-step process needed for you to turn a fragrance winner at any occasion. Bukhoor has 3 ways in which it can be burnt:

  • Use Self-burning Bukhoor - self burning bukhoor, which falls similar to what we in our day to day know as dhoop, agarbatti or incense sticks is a simple no fuss method of burning. Self burning bukhoor is an amazing choice for the “tradorden” folks - traditionally modern, who love traditional fragrance but modern usage methods.
  • Simply put a few pieces of bukhoor on a porcelain dish/bowl or a bukhoor burner and light the bukhoor using a matchstick or a torch lighter.

These products are easy to use and come in a few variants like our beloved Bukhoor Farha, that leaves your room feeling calm and charming with its unique blend of Camphor, Sarja and Honey.

  • Opt for an Electric Burner - an electric burner, also a no mess, no fuss option is a very affordable option available at online stores like and can be used to burn bukhoor. This method is very simple to use: 
  • Plug in the electric burner and leave it plugged for 30 seconds to 1 minute so that the embedded metal plate turns hot and ready to use.
  • Place a few pieces of the fragrance capturing bukhoor, like our rose, sandalwood and oud infused Bukhoor Fatimah, in the hot metal plate using a tong - you can use a regular tong or can shop for it in our Bukhoor Accessories section, crushing it as you put it in. 
  • Leave the burner plugged in and wait for a few minutes, usually 5-7 minutes depending on the burner.
  • Relax and feel the aroma travel through the home/space.

To stop the bukhoor burning, simply unplug the burner and the fragrance will automatically simmer out.


  • Burn it Traditional - This method of burning bukhoor, also the most effective one, has been used in Middle Eastern households since as long as bukhoor has existed. It is simple, however needs a lot of caution to implement. To use the traditional means you will need a porcelain dish/bowl or a bukhoor burner, charcoal pucks/discs, a torch lighter or matchbox, and a pair of tongs. To burn the bukhoor:
  • Take a porcelain plate/bowl (an easy find at your nearest Dollarama/ Walmart) or a bukhoor burner (shop for your choice at and place it on a side. We shall call this our burner for ease of understanding.
  • Once the color of the charcoal puck/burner turns to a bright orange with some greys forming on the coal, the coal is hot and ready to use. 
  • With the help of the tong put a few pieces of bukhoor, like our rose, jasmine and menthol infused Bukhoor Bint-Al-Arab, on the charcoal puck/disc. For a stronger fragrance, feel free to adjust the amount of bukhoor to a few more pieces.
  • Give it a minute as the smoke starts rising. Place it near a window or a well ventilated place and lose yourself into the spreading aroma.

IMPORTANT NOTE: bukhoor when being burnt, must be kept away from the reach of children or pets as this can lead to burns if touched. Avoid using charcoal burning if any person present in the space has Asthma or other lung issues that can lead to respiratory problems. In case of any emergency, put water on the bukhoor and immediately dial 911.

To stop the burning or if the fragrance turns too strong, simply put water on the bukhoor.

Burning Bukhoor is an art in itself, which you will master as you get along on the adventure. The right amount of heat, the right amount of bukhoor pieces can help in adjusting the fragrance to your personal preference. And psst! Who doesn’t want an incense that can adjust to everyone’s taste?

Stay tuned with us on our Bukhoor Journey at and travel through the mystic world of fragrances!
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Thank you so much for this information. I recently discovered bakhoor, just bought my first selection of scents and can’t wait to explore.

Barbie Dahl

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