Why do some fragrances seem to last much longer than others?

We often find ourselves asking after a major fragrance shopping splurge, "Why doesn't my fragrance last?". This is a common issue with many people where they buy a fragrance after a long search and testing, they spend a pretty good amount on it as well, and then once home, the fragrance disappoints. Although the answer is simple, yet it is complex in a way that has a lot more secrets to it.

In this post we are going to discuss what is the core reason to fragrances not lasting longer on your skin or body.

1. The Skin Type Speaks - The most well known reason for a fragrance to last lesser than others is dry skin. Modern day lifestyle and products used on skin leaves the skin dry, less hydrated. This leads to perfumes evaporating faster from the skin. People with dry skin often find fragrances fading faster than those with oily skin. Natural moisture helps a lot in holding the fragrance on your body. A good solution to this is applying a fragrance-free moisturizer 15-20 mins prior to applying the fragrance.

2. The ph Levels Story - Another common factor is the body’s ph levels, i.e the amount of acidity in the skin. Every body is unique and holds its own ph levels. This in turn impacts how a certain fragrance stays on your body. To improve ph levels, stay hydrated, have black water that balances alkaline levels in the body, have ph balanced water, regularly detox the body. Having Kombucha is a good way to balance body and detox.

3. Watch What You Eat - What we eat impacts how we smell. Believe it or not, it is possible to tell whether a person is vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian based on their body odour. Hence it is important to have a clean diet as often as possible. A clean diet, leads to a clean gut and thus a clean body odour. Stay away from oily and fatty food, also avoid food containing strong odour like onions, garlic on a regular basis. This helps in maintaining that notorious ph levels as well.

4. Body temperature - Body temperature impacts how long a scent lasts on your body. People with a warmer body temperature will find their perfume evaporating quicker. While people with colder body temperature find it lasting longer, albeit it turning very mild with time. Hence it is important to choose fragrances accordingly. For instance, people with a warmer body temperature should opt for warm fragrances like vanilla, honey or lemon. While for someone with a colder body temperature opting for mint, rose or aqua infused fragrances would be a better option.

5. The Fragrance Type - As important it is to maintain good ph levels, body moisture, hydration and health, it’s equally important to buy fragrances that complement the body along with enticing one’s individual fragrance taste. For example, if your body has a sour or tangy body odour, opting for sweeter fragrances will be a better choice over spicy or citrusy fragrances. 

6. Concentration Matters - What concentrate level does your fragrance hold, also determines how long will the fragrance last. For example a pure oil extract (Attar) lasts longer than a mist spray. Here are a few terms that can help you determine the concentration of fragrance in a bottle. classification-of-fragrances-by-concentration

While perfumes are the most commonly sought fragrances, Extrait de Parfum, usually known as Attar or Ittar (Ittr) hold 100% concentrate, making it the purest form of fragrance and lasting as long as 24 hours.

So the next time you find yourself wondering on why the fragrance did not last, try ticking the health boxes and explore fragrances that complement your body. To know more about which fragrances would be perfect for your body type and also find tips and tricks to make your fragrance last longer, visit our recent blog on the same.

Till then, stay tuned on your Frances journey with us at HSA Perfumes!

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