5 Best Fall Perfumes for Fall 2021

Fall - The best time of the year! The time when seasons change temperature, leaves change color, coffee shops change flavors, families change wardrobe and sceneries change vibes!
With the weather turning moderately chilly, the leaves changing color and rustling under the evening winds, it is time to snuggle into warmer clothes, fall boots and scarves. Although along with all these, it is also the time to switch fragrances. Really? Switching fragrances? Why?
Just like body care products such as body wash and scrubs arrive in fall, fragrances at stores like The BodyShop or fall fragrance infused candles make way in the early October at giant retailers like The Bath & Body Works, it is also essential for fragrances to change according to the season. There are two major reasons behind this:
  • Warm Fragrances help keep the body warmer naturally, thus helping maintain a warm feeling all day long. Moreover it also helps feel more comfortable when stepping out in the colder temperatures. 
  • Heavier, fuller or rich fragrances add a mugginess to the environment if applied in the Summer. However, this same fragrances work like a charm in the autumn months. Rich, heady smells tend to stay longer on the body in winter.
Looking for spicy, woody, oriental and warm sweet scents is the perfect choice when doing the autumn shopping for fragrances. Leathery smells and tobacco infused fragrances are a winner for this season. Any fragrances with patchouli, musk, amber, sandalwood, oud, jasmine, rose, pumpkin or any other woody and spicy notes are fall appropriate choices.
Once winter steps in, these fragrances are replaced by a more stronger and sweeter blend off the fragrance deck. So seize the moment! Checkout the list below and add them all to your precious collection:


A very multifaceted perfume, Oud Maliki creates the sense of a warm perfume with some cool notes to it. The exquisite blend of fresh Bergamot and Grapefruit complemented with thicker warm notes of Leather and Tobacco, brought to perfection with light temperaments of Fern, Pepper and Moss, make this perfume our No.1 winner this fall!

Oud Maliki

Oud Maliki is one of the best fall winter perfumes that smells like smoking an expensive cigar, while enjoying the beautiful rarity of the crisp fresh fall wind on a dusky path.
Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Oud, Pepper, Fern, Tobacco, Leather, Moss


A sensual perfume offering elegance and class like never before! Made from a sumptuous nostalgic sweet blend of Rose and Jasmine, transgressing with the fall classic blends of Sweet Apple and Cinnamon brings to life the memories of the year that went by. This blend carefully mixed with notes of Sweet Melon and Wild Grass, brings out the right amount of freshness that helps keep the nostalgia alive while smiling at the present moment!
Janan is an amazing fall fragrance representing boldness with a strong character, yet showing a warm and passionate heart.
Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Oud, Cinnamon, Sweet Apple, Sweet Melon, Wild Grass


A true representation of the Arabian Culture, Shagaf Al Arab is an impressive, distinct perfume that takes you back to the aroma of a strong tea, a fresh brewed coffee, made from a fine blend of Areca Nut, Betel Nut and Woody Oud, it brings aromatic notes that makes you fall in love with fall all over again. The aromatic blend of pleasant sweet fig, mild citrousy limestone and infinitely warm rose, makes this perfume create and leave a memory wherever it goes.

Shagaf Al Arab

The Shagaf Al Arab is a one in a kind, niche fall fragrance that will make you feel warm on the cold rainy days, just like a cup of coffee!
Notes: Rose, Oud, Betel Nut, Areca Nute, Limestone, Fig


An intriguing, romantic and warm fragrance that awakens fall desires, Waead is a perfect spicy yet lingering woody earthy smell that stays with you through the night. Made from the fine blend of Tobacco and Leather to create the heady perfection of warmth, combined with relaxing mellow notes of Amber and Agarwood, this perfume envelopes you in an ambery-oudhy mist.


Waead is one of the best fall perfumes for men and women looking to feel and smell sensual and seductive, yet classy all through the night.
Notes: Agarwood, Amber, Oud, Tobacco, Leather


A vibrant, strong and captivating fragrance, which elegantly blends Oud and Wood Moss, brings out the oudy-woody harmony showing the lingering warmth and depth that a true Arabian oriental perfume should have. A light sprinkle of Cinnamon and Nutmeg blended into this scent also brings out the true fall spirit - the melancholic yet happy, longing yet content, nostalgic yet vibing moment of the fall.

Oud Al Shaheen

Oud Al Shaheen is one of the best autumn fragrances for people who enjoy wearing bright, rich and woody scents with a classy touch.
Notes: Oud, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Wood
Fall is the time before the festivity spirit kicks in! A perfect time to go shop for yourself! Make yourself feel special and appreciated this Autumn! Look out for our future post on the best fragrance selections for your home this fall! Till then stay tuned with us on your Fragrance Story, HSA Perfumes!
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