‘Habibi, come to Dubai!’ - while this is a great ongoing TikTok/Instagram trend, the reality is equally similar! Dubai, the heart of UAE is a land that welcomes cultures, religions, traditions, beliefs and people with open arms and warm hearts. Located in the Middle East, Dubai is a city with a record-breaking number of tourists visiting every year.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a World Expo or World’s Fair. The Bureau International des Expositions is the serving and sanctioning body for the international exhibitions. The World Fair or Expo is organized to showcase the achievements of the nations and to bring together the corners of the world as a reflection of unity - ‘the world is one large family.

This year’s Expo was supposed to be held in 2020 however, the COVID-19 pandemic postponed it to 2021. Dubai decided to continue with the name Dubai Expo 2020 to ensure a fair marketing and branding chance for nations who have been working for the Expo since 2020. The World Expo has started in October 2021 and will be running till March 2022. The Expo is a reflection of 8 years of planning, organizing and managing a city and nation that has opened grounds to represent 191 countries across the globe.

The theme for the Expo: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ has been the core of all the nations to represent - Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. The theme has worked very well to define the life cycle of brands to turn from a spark to a flame. Starting out with a Chance, an opportunity, gaining momentum and continuing the walk to success while maintaining the brand, nature and cultural values is what brings true meaning to a brand. The Expo worked as a wonderful pavilion for small and large businesses to mark their presence and to showcase their specialty to the world, just like our beloved United Arab Emirates boasts of opportunities for all walks of life.

Dubai expo 2020 pavilion

Photo Courtesy: Palladium Photo design - Oliver Schuh + Barbara Burg

Featuring a Falcon in Flight, the theme talked about soaring heights of success with a sharp and vigil eye and a consistent pace. The expo also showcased spices, bukhoor, oud, food and carpets - things that make UAE and Dubai one of it's kind. The mascots for the Expo are also worth a special mention - Salama, Rashid, Latifa, Alif, Opti and Terra. They represent a brother and sister duo with a ghaf tree with guardians that embody Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability.

The Expo talks about the making of a new world; a world full of diversity, united by love and opportunities. We as a business are thankful and in awe for the opportunity that this platform has provided us with to connect with other cultures and diversities of the world. Moreover, we are also proud to be able to showcase our culture and traditions to the world and bring in business from around the world to Dubai!

In true UAE Fashion, The Dubai Expo 2020 speaks ‘Impossible Is Possible!

Stay tuned for our next blog coming soon with some Jingle, some Carols and a sled full of Gift Ideas! Hohoho!

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