How to Apply Concentrated Perfume Oil Attar / Ittar / Itr

Oil Concentrate perfume oil aka Attar/Ittar/Itr are one of the best type of fragrance anyone can have. As they are directly applied to the body and do not carry any chemicals, such as alcohol, paraben, and phthalate. This allows us to use the oils freely. 

If you have not used them before then you should ! As they will be wonderful additions to your scent collection. They are applied directly on the skin and have great silage and performance.

However, as all body is unique, so does the performance of perfume oil. Depending on the diet and moisture level of your body, the perfume performance will highly depend on your skin type. 

However, each perfume oil has a varying strength so its best to test the perfume by applying a little on your skin first. Perfume oils like our premium collection, floral collection, mukhallat are strong scents so they last long.

Depending on the concentration you prefer, apply lightly for lighter silage and then adjust accordingly. To get greater projection and stronger silage, go ahead and apply more liberally. Depending on the oil, they vary in colors, so be mindful of getting it on your clothes as it may stain them.

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Here are the best DO's for Attar
  1. Don't rub Attar into your skin. ...
  2. Dab it onto your pulse points. ...
  3. Where you store your Attar matters. ...
  4. Feel free to spray your clothes. ...
  5. Apply it ASAP post-shower. ...
  6. Moisturize first. ...

Pulse Points

  • Behind the Ear
  • At the Base of the Throat
  • Behind the Knees
  • On the Wrists
  • Inside the Inner Elbow

Hydrated skin holds fragrance longer so its good to make sure your skin is moisturized before applying perfume. Hence applying perfume oil after bathing is the most desired time. Try to avoid rubbing the perfume oil into your skin as this causes top notes to fade too quickly. 

Check out our Attar Perfume Oil and Perfumes that will best suit you for daily use. 

If in doubt, you can always reach out to us via Chat button at the bottom of the page and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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