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AlAmir Oman Original

Silver Charcoal Disc / Pucks 1 roll (10 Piece)

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  • Silver hookah charcoals are quick-lighting hookah coals.
  • Each box contains 10 rolls with 10 pieces of 33mm long-burning coal per roll, making 100 pieces total.
  • They are sealed in an airtight pack in order to maintain efficient combustion.
  • In order to maintain freshness opened rolls should be re-sealed and stored in a cool dry place.
  • This is important as effective storage will ensure quick lighting and long burning.
  • Silver Charcoal burns evenly for proper heat distribution Do not light charcoal with any petrol derivative, this is dangerous and can affect the smell of the charcoal. Do not leave unattended in the presence of children.
  • Do not light in a confined space without adequate ventilation.


  • To use your charcoal pucks for burning incense, prepare a non-flammable Ceramic or metal bowl or dish and line it with at least 1 inch of sand, fine gravel or unscented kitty litter.
  • To light, the charcoal lay it on your bed of insulating material and light an edge with a lighter. When it starts sputtering it should sputter and spark all the way through the charcoal.
  • Wait until it is burning evenly and there is a layer of fine white ash covering the charcoal. Holland-made charcoal premium brand, internationally recognized in the Incense world for its consistent quality level and dependability.
  • The Charcoal is known as quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Each briquette ignites easily and quickly by holding a simple, small-flamed lighter.


You can be assured that we offer earth conscious and ethical derived products for your fragrance needs—all of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products.

Care Instructions

For Perfume/Oil/Air Freshener

Note for Usage: Shake the bottle well and spray as needed. 

Safety Notice: Keep away from the reach of children/animals. Do not swallow/spray in the eyes. If swallowed, gargle immediately. If sprayed in the eyes, rinse heavily with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

For Incense

Note for Usage: In order to burn incense, it is best to use a quick-burning Charcoal tablet/puck. The Charcoal is first ignited over a flame. You can use a special lighter, stove or match stick. After the charcoal begins to glow, Place it on an incense holder or other fireproof dish (ceramic dish/bowl works well too). Now place the Bukhoor over the heated coal and the smoking process will begin. You can also use an electronic burner to avoid the use of charcoal.

Safety Notice: Burning incense has high temperatures and can cause burns. Gloves and fireproof dishes are recommended to avoid the risk of burning or fire. Keep away from the reach of children/animals. Ventilate room if smoke increases.

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