7 Amazing Incense Facts You Deserve to Know

Natural incense has been used for centuries, with uses ranging from ceremonial rituals to casual home use. Aside from its aromatic pleasures, what else should you know about incense? Here are seven amazing incense facts that will help you enjoy it even more.


1. Incense burns two different ways.

Many of us are used to lighting a stick of incense and allowing it to burn, with no re-lighting required. This is known as combustible incense. Another type of incense requires a constant heat source to burn. This is known as non-combustible incense


2. Incense comes in a variety of forms.

Aside from different ways of burning, incense can take several forms. Stick incense is a collection of barks, oils, and other natural components molded onto a wooden stick. This same compound can also be found in cone or coil form. 

There’s also loose incense powder, which is a form of non-combustible incense. Though it does require a bit of extra work to enjoy, many prefer loose incense powder because it allows them to create their own fragrances. 


3. Incense is the original aromatherapy.

Incense dates back to prehistoric times and was originally used to promote mental peace and lower stress levels. Ancient cultures would light incense for its therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy delivers healing benefits, helping users to manage feelings of depression and anxiety. It can also produce positive effects on respiratory illnesses. These benefits continue to be enjoyed by cultures worldwide.


4. Incense was used to tell time.

Aside from its health benefits, incense also once served a purpose in telling time. Chinese cultures would create combustible incense that burned at a certain rate. They could tell the time based on how far the incense had burned.

5. Incense helps to repel insects.

Like many essential oils and aromatics, one of incense’s most useful characteristics is its ability to repel insects. Many incense blends contain natural compounds (such as citronella, rosemary, or lemongrass) that bugs and mosquitoes find off-putting. Burning incense outdoors can help you enjoy a pest-free environment.


6. Incense supercharges the air with positive energy.

Natural incense is linked to spirituality. It combines the elements of earth and fire, harnessing the power of each to create new energy. This is one reason why incense is so powerful in healing — it shields against negative energy while promoting positivity, making it easier to achieve inner peace.


7. Incense is used around the world to freshen homes.

Despite its influence on natural medicine and mysticism, anyone can enjoy the aromas of incense in their homes. It’s a natural way to promote fresher, fragrant air without the use of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetics. 

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