5 Ways to Wear an Arabian Perfume

Apart from the modern way to manufacture perfume in western culture, Arabs are at the top in the field of art and perfumery. What was the first thought that appeared as you hear about Arabia? The fascination comes in different ways like fragrances, luxury, etc. For perfume admirer Arabian perfume hold a distinct place in their mind.

Arabs are famous for manufacturing perfumes internationally .If someone is looking for a bestselling perfume, Arabian perfume is a thing to look into. Arabian perfume holds a bold aromatic scent with a mixture of natural ingredients.

In this article, let’s take a look at the 5 ways to wear Arabian perfumes that make the odor long-lasting and enchanting. So just look at the ways to wear fragrances!

How to wear Arabian perfumes?

 Arabian perfume concentration is one of its unique characteristics. Arabic fragrance concentration is more solid, distinguished from the scents of the west. The concentration makes the odor long-lasting and the more you apply the longer it will stay. Arabian perfumes must be contained in a cold and dry place, the fragrant will be long-lasting due to it. 

5 ways to wear Arabic perfume:

The use of Arabic perfumes is an enduring part of their culture and heritage. Arabs use to wear the same scents for over a decade. And there are different ways to wear Arabic perfume to make the odor long-lasting. We have listed 5 best possible methods in the following:

Check concentration: 

Arabian perfumes have an enchanting scent, unlike the west odor. That’s why you should check the concentration by sprinkling a little it in the air.


Apply on the wrist, behind the ears:

To have the lasting fragrance you must apply it on the wrist, behind the ears, and knees. In these spots, the scent stays longer.

Apply on skin:

 It's natural to wear perfumes on attires. But Arabian perfumes must be put on your skin, rather than on clothes.it will make the odor remain for a whole day.

Mix-up scents:

When you wear the same fragrances for some days it will mix up with your skin and cancel the effect of it on your surroundings. The Mix odor of the scent helps to retain it on your skin. Most online stores provide the chance to test Arabian perfumes so that you can pick them according to your style.

Store in a dry place:

To make the scent retain for a long time you just kept it in the cold and dry area. It will play an important role for Arabian perfumes to retain their odor.

Use Bakhoor:

On hair, and clothes you should use Bukhoor because Arabs love to wear the particular odor this will increases the fragrance applied to perfume.


Arabian perfumes are the symbol of luxury, their odor is detected from a long distance, which makes them unique. If you are looking to get Arabian perfume? We have explained the 5 ways to wear an Arabian perfume that you must know so that you can enjoy the deep-rooted fragrance. 

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