10 tips for choosing the perfect Arab Perfume

Do You know how Arabic fragrances are fascinating? Do you know the tips to choose the perfect Arab perfume? The oldest perfume alteration is present for its lovers, Arabic fragrances flatter its user with their heritage odour. The aroma is formed with a mixture of unique ingredients with an appropriate portion. 

Arabic perfumes are nothing like the other fragrances because of their distinct feature and odour. The Perfume is in demand since the Royal family walks around the streets, and fills them with scents in the middle east. People took them as a gift for their loved ones to symbolize their uniqueness.


In this article, we are looking at 10 tips to choose the perfect Arab perfumes. As there are variants of the perfumes that are also available in the market so the cultural Arab perfume is difficult to choose from. Read this to the end to know about the tips!

10 tips for the perfect Arab Perfume

Now let’s focus on the tips for selecting the Arab perfume. You are well aware of the ingredients used in Arabian perfumes, let’s take a look at how to choose among them:


  1. Focus on base note: When choosing the perfume focus on a base note rather than a top note. The base note will stay while the top note faded away.
  2. Perfumes of Every family: Fragrances are different based on an event, seasons, etc. So, you must choose from each family. Such as for a positive mood choose Dar Al Oud, for an event pick AmjaadOud Khurasan which depicts class and it’s a fine mixture of oud, amber, and saffron.
  3. Skin type: pick according to the skin type. On dry skin, the fragrances fade faster but they will fix with the use of petroleum jelly.
  4. Think of a note: Perfumes you select will remain the entire day to make you feel confident and fresh. So, it’s essential to think about the note.
  5. Time: When someone is buying perfume from the market you must consider the time. Prefer to go in the afternoon or evening. Because the sense of smell works fine at that time. 
  6. Use a paper card: It's best to apply on the card rather than on your skin at first, it will help to determine the perfect odor. After that use it on your skin.
  7. Take a break: when you are picking the perfume do not test them all together because your mind will get confused. Take a break whiff from coffee beans etc to get your sense of smell right.
  8. Spew, blow and smell: to choose the perfect scent you need to be patient. Don’t buy it by spray and smell. Spew and blow it around your nostrils to get a feel.
  9. Don’t rub: spurt the fragrances on the clean skin part, and don’t rub. Just let it dry because as you rub the top note vanishes and make an entirely different smell.
  10. Try samples: To pick the best one wear it for days before buying it. Ask them to give you the samples so that you can use them for a test.

Arabian perfumes have their texture a base note that needs to be focused on when someone wants to buy them. We have listed 10 tips to choose the perfect Arabian perfume above that help you get the perfect perfume for an occasion.




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